Grooming & Manscaping

Grooming is what sets modern civilized man apart from his distant primitive ancestors. Although some men and women prefer a “rugged” look, it seems society agrees for the most part: beards look dirty and unkempt unless kept short and trimmed. Some men refuse to, and have never manscaped, others still have plucked, waxed, shaved, buzzed, and or had laser hair removal.

Since the onset of puberty I have waxed, tweezed, and yes even used at home laser treatments, all to resort to shaving once again. Two tools are invaluable depending on your needs: the Phillips Norelco Body Groom (trimmer & wet/dry shaver) and the Phillips Bliss Bikini Perfect, which is a buzzer, epilator, and wet/dry shaver. I used the Silk’n Sensepil HPL from Sephora and did have results, but found it difficult to commit to (hair cycles). One form of hair removal never worked: dipilitory creams, foams, sprays, even powders did not provide results.

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