Neo Nineties: Reinventing Retro

The nineties are back in full swing, and we see many different references to a time gone bye. Plaid, leather pants, goth, grunge, smudged eyeliner- not to mention the subculture play on the era, with pastel goth, soft grunge, neo goth. For my Parsons Teen Vogue Assignment, I created a Pinterest with the same title…

Christmas Shopping Haul

  My Christmas Shopping Haul includes christmas gifts and presents from Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, Ulta Beauty, and even some hand-made kawaii charms people asked me to make them for Xmas.


      Can you really make clothes and jewelry you’d actually wear? …yes, you can.  I’ve been wearing my own designs for years, from graphic t-shirts to clothing I’ve sewn myself.  Lately I’ve been making my own unique jewelry to suit my alternative style, mixing dark and gothic with cutesy and kawaii…I feel drawn to…

Kawaii Charms

I’ve sculpted my 1st Kawaii charms out of polymer clay: marshmallows, a lollipop, Fuck You sweetheart candy, a sleepy or depressed pill, and a grey alien.   

Pastel Goth For Summer

Given Spring Summer fashion trends have us shifting to dark colors, dark florals, black leather, platforms, and pastel jeans, and Resort shows featured pastel as well, I thought, why not jumble it all together and revert to pastel goth? With the models of resort keeping the colored hair thing going, and my being bored of…