My Harness Bag

This is part of my class assignments for the ParsonsXTeenVogue Fashion Industry Essentials certification program.  It will be costing the bag I’ve designed,  showing you how to sew, use fusible interfacing to give your bag stability, and give you tools and tips to help you complete your sewing project.  Be sure to subscribe to my…

Devilishly Handsome

“It’s not right to be hellish” I picked a mishmash of items at the costume store: clip in horns, a bat fillagreé mask, cat tail, forever 21 moto PU leather leggings, a hot topic button up, aldo Schettini shoes with gold chain detail, and a Cellblock 13 harness. h

Fetish Theme Fashion

I’m going to a Fetish themed party and wearing a Cellblock 13 Stryker Harness, which I think ill pair with Cavalli lace up floating waistband jeans.