Prescription Sunnies

When asked to review a pair of glasses from, I was game, but hoped I would be satisfied as I am always going to be honest with you.  I was pleasantly surprised: they arrived within a few days, came with a plastic carrying case and cloth, and to my delight, felt sturdy, well made,…

Devilishly Handsome

“It’s not right to be hellish” I picked a mishmash of items at the costume store: clip in horns, a bat fillagreé mask, cat tail, forever 21 moto PU leather leggings, a hot topic button up, aldo Schettini shoes with gold chain detail, and a Cellblock 13 harness. h

New Circle Lenses

I just got my Super Pinky Violet 14.8mm Circle Lenses. Circle lenses enlarge the iris. Photos of them with and without flash below. also gave me a free pair of Dali brown lenses, & the two cases shown. *Not to be worn more than 6hrs. See my post on the Nudy Greys.

Sheer Perfection

I wore this laser cut skeleton sheer button up from Hot Topic to a Goth party this weekend.  I also did liquid liner, which I think I did surprisingly well on but couldn’t take off.

Circle Lenses: Make Your Eyes Huge

I’ve been wearing circle lenses since they became popular in Asia years ago. They are colored contacts which have a diameter larger than that of your iris…they make your eyes bigger.