Street Style

Another club kid aglow in Cali > trend. 😍 Colored hair, headpieces, leather, spikes and studs. The scene is mean.

Nails & Drink Aglow: Covergirl Glossitinis

Cover Girl Glossitinis are UV reactive nail polish, giving you the club-kid effect under black light! The color I’m wearing is NeonLight and appears black but looks navy in sunlight and glows blue in black light.

Fetish Party

I wore Cavalli floating waisteband lace up jeans, a CellBlock 13 Stryker Harness, Sheer Button up, and spike shoes and cuffs.

Fetish Theme Fashion

I’m going to a Fetish themed party and wearing a Cellblock 13 Stryker Harness, which I think ill pair with Cavalli lace up floating waistband jeans.