Coach X Rodarte

Collaborations can be everything- not only are they usually more affordable than the larger designer brand, but there is this creative mainstream appeal that has a different voice than the brands individually. The Coach Rodarte collaboration is hard edged and soft, masculine and feminine with ornate beaded and studded sequin floral embellishments on leather, gold chain…

Betsey Johnson Rips Off Moschino & Fendi

      Betsey Johnson’s got some adorable inspired-by’s, taken from muses Moschino (Milk carton bag) and Fendi (bag bugs and those cute monster backpacks).  I honestly think her originals are more cute.    

Forever21 Convertible Backpack Hobo

It is definitely a great backpack, however, I feel it makes a clumsy cross body and shoulder bag because of its wide base. If you push it back a bit it can be worn on the shoulder, but it looks like you might as well wear it as a backpack at that point.

DIY Jean Bag

I took a pair of jeans and converted them into a vertical messenger with an inseam pocket, large fringed pocket, two pockets on the front, and chain detail.  I lined it with a distressed polka dot cotton.   First decide the dimensions of your bag, then cut out 2 sides, the front and back,and bottom…