3D Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2018 SS18

This is a 3D fashion show created in Marvelous Designer 7, and edited in After Effects (I switched to Premier Pro). I was inspired by the 50’s, unrequited love and yellow flowers (tabebuia), love and heartbreak. I created all the designs and prints myself (the only exceptions are the rainbow butterfly, suiting, and poodle). I…

Accessories Design

Shoe Design: My Leather-Jacket Shoes: The Leather Jacket Sneaker and Leather Jacket Peeptoe High-heel. Jewelry Design: This is a capsule collection of accessories and jewelry I designed and illustrated for a 3D printing contest. Bags and Leather Goods Design: My Harness Inspired Messenger, Double Strap Messenger, To-Go, and Lapel Bags This is part of my class…

Marketing and Graphic Design

Below are examples of my evolving work dating back to the Advertising & Promotional Materials Design for Philanthropic events recognized nationally STUEYS “Philanthropy of the Year,” the Strongman Competition, as well as Outstanding Public Relations two years in a row during my time as Public Relations Chair and Philanthropy Chair.  I created posters, flyers, and product design, such as…

Relgious Inspired Artwork and Designs

These are designs inspired by religion and spirituality, Christianity and Catholicism. Some are free-hand sketches, others digital paintings or vector art.

Digital Paintings

These are digital paintings done only using Photoshop, and almost entirely with the brush tool.

Freehand Sketches

Freehand Sketches: Drawings done in graphite on paper, occasionally with blenders, and in one instance with color added in Photoshop.