ParsonsXTeenVogue Fashion Industry Certification Program

Day 1 was a fail: They didn’t give me my login info. Day 2: Overview of the Program, features, 1st course Intro to Visual Style Day 3: Assignments  I’ve just started the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Indistry Essentials Certification, which is a five course program. How it’s laid out: Online Video. The Teen Vogue Handbook….

What Fashion Means to Me as a Designer and Blogger

Fashion, design, sewing- they’ve always been a source of inspiration, creative expression, even necessary skills passed down from my mother who taught me how to sew.  She taught my younger brothers and I how to mend a hem, reattach a button, iron, all when we were young children.  She imparted upon us the skills she…

“In My Head” Funny Animation by Perry Uwanawich 😂

This is my first full animation cartoon, it’s meant to be funny, I won’t say hilarious… I hope you like it. Like, share, comment, and subscribe.  It’s a lyrical interpretation of No Doubt’s “In My Head,” with a little of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass mixed in, likely inspired by Gwen…

Can I See Myself Working At L’Oréal? Yes!

After reading a post by @LOrealUSA on Twitter, I realized I have knowledge and experience with L’Oréal products ranging from makeup to shampoo: even my posts on bleaching my hair referenced L’Oréal Paris, as I use Super Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach (See post On Going Blonde or DIY Bold Hair Colors: Blue Hair…).  I also use…

Time Flies

A poster I made exactly 4yrs ago as Philanthropy & PR Chair for the StrongMan Competition, benefiting the National MS Society.