Fit for Free

Whether you’re a student, a struggling artist, a confessed shopaholic, or just strapped for cash- you don’t have to spend to shed pounds. What? No meal plans, gym memberships, books, expensive food? Yes! Believe it or not…I’ve usually worked out in-home or outdoors for free. See my previous post on my fitness routine and weightloss:…


I have  been using and raving about Bliss products for over a decade: they smell and feel invigoratingly amazing, the texture feels rich, smooth, or creamy, and the quality is great.  I was first introduced to the brand at a hotel (W?) in New York, and after getting a sample of the lemon sage body…

Fitness Routine

My fitness routine is varied, which helps me keep from getting bored, but is also good for weight-loss and building muscle. Speaking of getting bored, I am not the type to consistently go to the gym although I have been good at doing so, particularly when I was in California and when I dropped 60lbs….

How I lost Over 30lbs for Spring & Summer

I lost over 30lbs for spring and summer: no gym, no starving, no deprivation- just caloric intake and working out at home. The real secret? Pole fitness- yes, pole dancing. My friend took me to a class and I’ve been hooked on this core-targeting exercise ever since.