420 Smoking Subscription Boxes for MMJ Are a Thing

There are 420 / Smoking Subscription Boxes like Hemper, with such creativity as this (images and link below), for $29/mo. You can also get past boxes with a discount of 25-35%. The box that stood out most for originality was their February box with the UFO Cow Abducting bubbler.

Hemper vortex alien abduction bubbler
Hemper UFO Vortex Waterpipe
February Hemper Box, weed subscription box, smoker subscription box, 420 Subscription box,
February Hemper Box

Hemper seems to be one of the coolest in terms of creativity and set the bar high with the glass pieces. Similarly priced boxes come with pipes rather than rigs, for example, others come with larger pieces but at four times the price. Those I don’t think are as exciting include Hippie Butler and Daily High Club, but it truly depends on the mode of delivery and preference as each offer different types of tools and all offer different price points for boxes.

Following Hemper, I think Puff Pack looks like a great deal as well, given they also include a dab rig. SensiBox, and although slightly more than Hemper, box is alien themed as well đŸ€“.

June 2019 sensibox, smoker 420 Subscription box

June 2019 Sensibox

There are even subscription boxes like Club M that deliver actual flower for $97/mo, but don’t hold your breath, they only ship to those in California…😜

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