Moschino Fall 2019

Moschino Fall 2019

The show stealer this season: object bags! The collection expanded upon previous spray paint and Fresh cologne bottles and phone cases to include bags that look like Windex, toothpaste, champagne, slot machine, cash register, hair spray, a blow dryer, dish soap, a quarter, and an iron…I love the campy ironic and nostalgic aesthetic Jeremy Scott has brought to the brand. The Joy dish soap is called Toy- which really does bring home why these appeal to people so much- they’re fashion toys really, and that’s why the H&M X Moschino Collab sold out before it launched in the states…this is the funnest brand around.

The graphic prints were also playing off previous collections’ brand inspired looks, such as the Hershey bar, only this time included Crush soda, pod detergent, slot machine screens,

A lot of coin must be spent to rock the cash money and coin prints or to look cheap in the gold looks with huge jewel embellishment and embroidered “settings.” But everyone will know you “holla for the dolla” in your money sign embellished black quilted leather pants and jacket.

The Runway Beauty featured huge larger than life wigs worthy of drag queens, nearly blocked out brows, a touch of coral or pearlescent dusty rose lipstick and matching blush, paired with bold colorful yet soft cat-eyes that swooped up and under the brow-bone all the way to the inner corner in green, purple, blue, bronze, and yellow.

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