Crimes of Fashion Victims: Political RED Carpet “Statements”

Joy Villa is a DIY Fashion Victim who’s only statement is that she needs a mental health evaluation Ricky Rebel betrays LGBTQ community in pro trump red carpet “statement”

Someone needs to gift this clowns with Michaels and Joanne’s gift cards. The best part is, they’re black and gay! How blind, misguided, and misinformed are these fashion victims? Trump and republicans want nothing to do with anyone who’s not white, rich, straight… you have to be traitor to women or to the LGBTQ community to support the Republican Party or Trump.

Joy Villa wore that tragic Pro Life monstrosity before…she’s known only for failing at DIY Style and trying desperately to make a “statement.” Ricky Rebel is also an unknown who’s clearly queer and a gender bending traitor to his community. I just don’t get it. Take an elementary history lesson, educate yourself on back ally abortion, dumpster babies, healthcare reform after Obama…you’re definitely on the wrong side of values in the 21st century my dears, regardless of your faith or beliefs. It’s one thing to be pro-life and another thing entirely to try and defund or outlaw abortion…it doesn’t work. On healthcare- anyone ok with murdering 100k people a year to undo the affordable healthcare act but support a stupid wall is heartless and not of “Christian values” at all in my opinion, but that’s something unfortunately synonymous with being a “Christian” or republican these days…which is why I turned in my republican voter registration and became a democrat under Trump’s rule.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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