SkinLuma Results Before and After

SkinLuma has some creative solutions to issues such as acne, dark spots, and discoloration from skin problems like melasma In addition to offering traditional anti-aging and skincare staples such as their Retinol50 SeruGel (slick but not greasy and fast absorbing) and MoistuSilc Ultra (oily) serums.

The Young range includes BlemErase, a 2% salicylic pen touch system allowing you to spot treat blemishes and breakouts- it also comes with a concealer that will help stop breakouts and treat current acne, although it’s runny and doesn’t have great coverage considering the target market needs to cover zits and scars…but a great option and solution I wish was on the market when I was a teen and is honestly something I’m excited to be trying out. Upon applying it, it does tingle and will frost over after a few seconds, something typical of high acid concentration peels (this is a very low percentage for daily use 1-3 times). It is very easy to apply thanks to the convenient design of the bottle and applicator tip.

MelanAge is a two part solution to reduce the pigmentation caused by melasma. It too has a touch pen step and a pump bottle 2nd step cream. I will be posting someone’s results and experience with them and will provide updates with before and after shots of their melasma to show how effective or ineffective this treatment is for her, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to

Retinol50 was a bit oily, as was the SeruGel Ultra. The RetiSal 2% Salicilic Acid gel felt creamy and moisturizing- providing the required moisturization before the application of drying products like the BlemErase touch stick.  Following up with ExfoMax Weekly wipes helps exfoliate the skin, essential for when you’re using drying products, whether you’re focusing on either anti-aging or acne clearing products, as they tend to make the skin peel (dead skin that’s not exfoliated can clog pores). The MultiHA Mask did not dry down to a point where it cracks like clay masks, but rather became tacky then dried down.

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