Micro-needling Derma Pens and Derma Rollers

I’ve begun using micro-needling tools such as Derma-rollers and switched to the Derma-pen (Dr. Pen) per Dermatologists’ recommendations citing adverse effects of Derma rollers- caused by slicing rather than puncturing the skin.

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2nd Micro-needling Treatment with 36-needle tip derma-pen at 1-2mm depth

Microneedling Benefits:

Micro-needling has become more popular over the years due to its many benefits including collagen induction, diminishing scars and pores, and as you’ll see in my post on hair loss and hair re-growth, encouraging hair re-growth especially when used with Minoxidil.

How Bad Does Micro-needling Hurt:

The pain I experienced with my first Derma pen treatment was much less than I anticipated, and I’d rate it a 1/10 in most areas- it was more like a 2/10 on the nose and neck area. The very next day I noticed improvement in the appearance of a cystic acne scar on my forehead- the depression was lifted, and still pink as it was one of two areas that bled during the treatment- the tip of the nose being the other. I used a range of needle depths with a 36-needle tip, beginning with .5mm, then gradually worked my way up to .75mm, then 1mm-2mm, at that depth the pain was from a 2-4/10 depending on the depth and area being treated. I used the tool on my entire face, focusing on areas prone to wrinkles and fine lines, such as the forehead, nasolabial folds or smile lines, between the brows, where crows feet develop at the outer corners of the eyes, above the upper lip, and neck- which was the most painful area to treat after the forehead.

The following morning, I focused the micro-needling treatment on my scalp, parting the hair, disinfecting with alcohol and a cotton swap, and working back and forth then side to side, again beginning with .5mm then working up to 1mm needle depth using the 36-needle tip. I followed with topical minoxidil 5% (Rogain).

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