Botox Anti-Aging and Migraine Relief

Botox Injections

I had Botox Botox injections in my forehead in April, and the results are truly amazing (see before and after). I had begun to notice fine lines on my forehead forming, and decided to do some preventative Botox and OnabotulinumtoxinA the hell out of them!

Botox Pain?

It was not very painful but if you hate needles, shots, and the sensation of a prick 🧐, then it’s likely not for you. The first time it was a very fine needle and the pain threshold was very minor. The second time it was a different needle and I could feel it pop or crunch into the muscles during the touch up injections, but that is apparently a good sign because it means you’re getting into the target area.

Botox Results

The before and after photos show just how dramatically improved my forehead appears! The results took days to take effect, and by the time I followed up with injections two weeks later and waited another few days, I began to see the “full” effects of the muscles being paralyzed. Whereas I was really able to scrunch up my forehead before, I could no longer wrinkle my forehead but still had slight movement of my brows.

I would definitely recommend Botox to anyone interested in anti-aging or the other effects including migraines reduction and treatment of hyperhydrosis or sweaty areas rather.

Botox Bonus Side-effect

I had frequent migraines before Botox, several a month if not multiple times per week. After my Botox injections, I’m relieved that I can’t recall having a single migraine! That’s astonishing given I’ve had headaches and migraines all of my life.

Take Note

After watching YouTube videos and reading up on Botox, I discovered that you’re not supposed to flex the muscles because it will cause for the Botox to be metabolized quicker, this losing its effect. I do a facial exercise routine I only touched on briefly on my YouTube Channel SubversiveStyle…which all of a sudden I had to quit: that gave me anxiety because my anti-aging was now interfering with my anti-aging!

I tried hard not to do my typical brow exercises geared toward lifting my brows and lids, and correcting a bit of asymmetry on my left eyelid. I must admit I’ve done my facial exercises a few times, and after almost three months now I’ve regained mobility of my forehead. It’s typical to get Botox treatments every 3-4 months anyway, but I’m noticing a fine line at the top of my forehead where I concentrated most of the touch up treatment.

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