Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2018

Vibrant prints, embroidery, and appliques make Elie Saab Pre-fall 2018 a standout collection. Studded fringe leather moto jackets, lace-up and grommet detail dresses, a metallic black and burgundy striped knit dress, a gold studded red and black tweed jacket, a sequin and embroidered bomber jacket and thigh high boots, and studded tuxedo pants, all paired with studded cowboy boots and hats, studded strappy heels, studded gold chained pocket-books, fringe bucket bags with grommet and studded straps, collars, wide leather kimono belts, and western string bow ties.

The fabric selection elevated the western inspiration to new heights- lace, leather, velvet, silk crepe and chiffon, and suede were combined and transformed into a cohesive collection which blurred the lines between sexy, feminine, elegant, and all while maintaining a such a strong theme. The color palette, with bold reds and blues, navy green,  peach, teal, contrasting white and black, metallic silver and gold, made every single look sumptuous and rich, bold and daring.

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