I Can’t: Resort 2018’s Worst

Anna Sui Resort 2018

The proportions, the hemlines, it’s like layers of granny when combined with her prints.

Anna Sui Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looksAnna Sui Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looksAnna Sui Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looksAnna Sui Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looks

Stella McCartney Resort 2018

I wasn’t feeling the play with silhouette and volume- some of it came down to styling- the pairing of oversized jackets with a-line skirts…but honey, I can’t with the draw-string, the palm-tree print, the sneakers, and then the out of place period robe…oh, and those sneakers [purses lips].

Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looksResort 2018 ugly looks, worst looks

Resort 2018 ugly looks, worst looks

Chanel Resort 2018

Although I applaud Chanel for experimenting more with its Resort 2018 collection, I simply just don’t understand these looks…the burlap sacks are more forgivable than

Dior Resort 2018

It may be that some of the looks are so period, so literal that it verges on costume, while in other cases it’s just that little bit of fringe that’s so extra it it makes for a garment that’s over designed (it would’ve been so gorgeous had it been longer- perhaps I hate the golden-rod fabric layer beneath as well).   The theme and styling can make or break a show, and while it’s certainly something to look at, it detracts from some of the wearable.  Remember the days of a Galliano show? I always reference him because he’d create a theme, have the makeup and everything fit it, but it would still be fashion.  I can’t with the graphic prints…I don’t care if it’s knits and wovens, or crazy black graphic element of the fur (NO FREAKING FUR people, damn).

It is sad to see such great ideas and gorgeous looks tainted by an element- the cave art cape, that aforementioned buffalo print dress…I say “edit” way to often, but I just wish someone was there to say- “No, it was great before you chopped it up…and scrap twenty of the hats and ties bitch.” ^.^  That’s not to say there weren’t great looks in the collection, I am just highlighting what I didn’t like from each show in this post.


M6 Maison Margiela Resort 2018

You look dumb holding up your cape…or having someone else do it for you.  If it was scaled down at the top and stood on its own behind the shoulders this would be a cool silhouette.  The Blazer’s gotta go.

Monse Resort 2018

While I’m excited by this brand, I don’t feel like these prints, or these looks speak to its aesthetic.  I do like the deconstruction of their other garments, but for some reason this feels overdesigned with the gray, under-designed with the topsy-turvy sweater is a cool idea, I wish it was just tweaked in the slightest way. Don’t get me started on the fucking styling, k?


Dian Von Furstenberg Resort 2018

Remember, I was singing Diane Von Furstenberg’s praises as we entered the 70’s trend…but I honestly haven’t been feeling what she’s been wearing on the carpets herself up until recently, and I suppose it makes sense that there’s a granny-infusion in her wardrobe clothing given her age…damn.


3.1 Phillip Lim

Girl…what is it? Poke it with a stick and see if it moves.  It looks like what would happen if you spliced a prep with a jellyfish, a dominatrix with a geisha.

(Photos: Vogue.com)

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