What to Wear, Watch, Listen, Read, Shop, Sweat…

zoe kravits allsure magazine 2017Read: Allure, covered by the mesmerizing Zoe Kravitz, demystifying the secrets of Italy’s Umbrian clay, and suggesting we all bottom…where lashes are concerned.

Wear: Silks, Satins, lustrous light flowing fabrics and accessories that have a sinful sheen…especially for men.  I had these new, tagged, unworn striped and monogram Just Cavalli shirts and peace-sign Moschino bell-bottom jeans I bought years ago in New York knowing they would one day serve me well and, alas, the seventies and dandy trend’s tricky  trickle have enabled me to rock them in seventies style.  Do I have a lot of stuff with the tags still on? Yes! I talked about closet curation in a previous post- I stopped buying mass quantities of crap and started selecting hall-closet hallmarks I felt would either come back in style or be timeless classic wardrobe staples…I’ve also dropped another three sizes making a lot of it unwearable. harry styles blouse

  • Don’t: The blouse has returned ladies and gents…let’s go all out but not in a manner resembling Harry Styles dedication, but more like his bravery and experimentation.
  • Do: seek inspiration from seventies rock stars, however, if it wears you…don’t rock it.

Rejuvenate: Peptide Riptide- peptides are some of the most impressive ingredients offering before-your eyes results bordering on infomercial sfx.  I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth’s Unwrinkle Turbo Toning Lotion going on a year and a half, and I do feel like it along with my regimen has truly affected fine lines around the eyes and forehead, but will say I can also note the dissipation of results with discontinued use.  Before I began using this toning lotion, I would spray water onto my skin after cleansing as  a means of replenishing moisture and plumping up the skin.  I follow up with an SPF moisturizer like Philosophies the Miracle Worker SPF 50 or Dermalogica’s Pure Light SPF 50.  For around the house I love Hampton Sun’s SPF 15 Gel because it’s more light weight but lacks in the SPF department…and yes, if you have a shadow from natural light- you are being bombarded with aging sun-rays.

Try: waist-training- oh emme gee! I recently created a corset as a sewing project, and began wearing it to alleviate chronic pain due to damaged disks, and also to see if it would flatten my belly.  It totally made my stomach flat- although I had also caught salmonella poisoning from some Jalapeno chips (best diet ever jk); I think it acted like a compression garment and allowed everything to tighten up.  I also discussed the Wellbox and how lipo-massage helped with lifting and eliminating that weird last 5lb pooch.   I have a new portable Bliss lipo-masssager I will be testing, reviewing, and vlogging on.

Sweat: Dance like a fool- try to copy a dance-oriented music video’s choreography…I used to do this to Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears videos, not only having a blast attempting the challenge, but working up a sweat rivaled only by skating, one of the most intensive cardio workouts known.  Last week I suggested you pole dance- dancing is a freeing whole-body calisthenic workout.  You can alternatively try a dance video game, dance workout video, or going out dancing for reals, but I’m not one for getting sweaty on a night out.  If you do- comment on your sweat-proof makeup routine below.

Watch: Sarah Silverman’s Speck of Dust special on Netflix is hilarious- at least I love her style and find female comics hysterically funny, including Schumer, Griffin, Cho, Cummings, Rivers, Garuffalo, Barr…comedy is as sexist as politics apparently.

Listen: “High,” Sir Sly.

Shop: Moschino if you’ve got stacks of cash…I wish I could be a paper doll rocking a little transformer bear phone case or mini baby backpack.   P.S. I will sew white tabs onto a t-shirt or something…trust!

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