Wear, Watch, Listen, Read, Shop, Sweat…

  • Wear: Bell-bottoms and bell-sleeves…because we won’t get many chances to hippy out and let our flower children blossom.
  • Read: GirlBoss…and Watch it too. The show and book both by Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso inspired me to revamp and re-brand my blog, and to launch my second clothing line or get back into fashion design. It also convinced me join the dark side and do a little witchcraft, or Chaos Magic rather. It’s less menacing than it sounds…the exercise has you write a word- I chose success- and remove the vowels. Using the remaining letters, you create a symbol for yourself.

  • Rejuvenate: “It’s Potent” eye cream by benefit actually showed results in fading dark circles much more quickly than the “Eye-con,” which I gave up on years ago.
  • Watch: Sir Sly, “High.”
  • Shop: .
  • Maintain: Deva Curl: these products were literally the most intense straightening thing I’ve ever tried on my nappy curly hair- I didn’t have to straight iron it or anything. I’ve learned to embrace oils for curly hair.
  • Sweat: If you’ve never pole danced…I dare you- it’s a full body workout that will burn calories and tone your arms, chest, and core.
  • Listen:  “Told You So” and “Hard Times” by Paramore.

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