Wear What Who When Why How?

  • Wear: Cut-away shoulders- they were all over the runways for SS17, as were flared legs and sleeves.
  • Read: Marie Claire- the beauty bar has been raised, and segues to the next point…rejuvenate.
  • Rejuvenate: Bioeffect Serum might be $160, but it’s based on a Geothermal Powered lab’s discovery in EGF, epidermal growth factor according to Marie Claire’s “Bio-Hacked Beauty.” The article also mentioned Ray Band’s LED anti-aging spectacles- a more practical alternative to light masks.
  • Shop: Urban Decay has released a slew of products as of late, including the Illuminizer, Naked Skin Shapeshifter contouring palette, the Meltdown makeup removing collection, Regab makeup prep, Fix Primer Potion, and Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration, and Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoats.
  • Maintain: It’s a 10 Hair Mask got me through my rebleaching process.
  • Sweat: Cosmo’s Sliding Lunges- using a towel on the floor, do a backward lunge by sliding one foot, atop the towel, backward then bringing it back to standing position.
  • Listen:  “Scared To Be Lonely,” Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa.

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