UD: Urban Decay Up-Date

Urban Decay has had some recent product launches that have had beauty vloggers going mad- the Vice Special Effects lip toppers among them.  While innovations such as lip toppers and brow mascaras seem like they’re new, women have been using glosses, lipsticks, and mascara for decades, and this is nothing new!  My aunt used to swipe a gold metallic lipstick over her red pout for a gorgeous effect.  I remember using pencils and mascara on my brows before the great brow-volution in the industry.  While they may not be innovative, they are extending the range of UD products, and two may become cult favorites.

  • Contour: Naked Skin Shape Shifter
  • Vice Special Effects


  • Makeup Meltdown: UD lauched a line of makeup removing products called Melt Down, and includes an oil stick, among makeup and eye makeup removers.


Have you tried or are you excited to try any of the new UD products?  Which?  Comment below.

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