Dressing for Your Lover

Photo: NaijaNow

We all know there are aspects of fashion and beauty each sex finds attractive- and you may have heard women say they’re dressing for men or women.  When discussing womenswear, there are “guy shoes,” maybe sexy vixen stilettos, and there are dresses that are a girl’s girl, something men might find too something or other… Is it OK to dress for your lover- once, occasionally, or changing up your style, though?

Fashion, our personal style is how we express our identity to the world, it’s in essence the visual representation of who we perceive ourselves to be.  Is it acceptable then to allow your lover to request or demand that you wear something, put on a different style of makeup…or to dress or look differently entirely?

What might your lover make you wear if they had full control?

Ultimately, if this person met you the way they wanted you not to look and pursued you, then I think it would be unacceptable if it was a demand or ultimatum.  In the case of womenswear, I think it’s only in the early part of the last century women gained any leeway in fashion liberation, and to be forced to wear tight fitting, sexy, or anything other than your style is an affront to women, not feminism.  You can have a suggestion made, you can be told your style or look isn’t attractive, but you you shouldn’t tolerate being told what to wear and how or else.

But What if I’m OK with it?: I’d suggest you really step back and consider if it’s your style, how it makes you feel- both the style or look and changing your look- before deciding you’re really OK with it.  Believe me, I think you must do certain things for your lover, and often don’t understand how comfortable some people are in front of theirs,

Have you changed your style or appearance for a lover? Explain the situation, how it made you feel, was it a request or demand, what you said or did-  comment below.

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