Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer, Oxygen Mask, Sleep Serum, and Time Reversing Cream Reviews and Demo


Dr. Brandt was a renowned dermatologist and physician- I met him when my aunt used to see him- I was sad to learn of his death after filming this video, in which I demo and review his anti-aging and skin-care products, including two from the DNA collection, or Do Not Age.

  • Pores No More Primer $60: fills in pores amazingly, and makes my makeup last all day on my oily skin.
  • Oxygen Facial Mask $70: as you’ll see in the video demo, it’s a bubbling or fizzing foaming face mask that feels moisturizing, soothing and tingling.
  • Beauty Sleep Serum: For $155, this serum is lucky it feels tightening and firming!
  • Time Reversing Cream $132: It smells nasty AF and I’m scared of it, but it felt very moisturizing, smooth and rich, and was not at all greasy but rather absorbed into the skin really quickly.

I will keep you posted on the cream, but otherwise recommend everything else, as they are products I honestly enjoy:  *I am neither sponsored nor paid, not now or ever in the past, and this is an honest review.

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