Fit for Free

Whether you’re a student, a struggling artist, a confessed shopaholic, or just strapped for cash- you don’t have to spend to shed pounds. What? No meal plans, gym memberships, books, expensive food? Yes! Believe it or not…I’ve usually worked out in-home or outdoors for free.

See my previous post on my fitness routine and weightloss: “Fitness Routine.”

You Have Free Fitness Options:

  1. Pilates: get toned and create lean muscle without bulking up.  Pilates uses your own body’s weight as resistance, and you don’t need an instructor, equipment, or a fancy gym to get into model shape with this exercise bearing the name of its creator.
  2. Yoga: foster flexibility, promote relaxation and de-stress, and reduce aches and pains.
  3. Old School Go-To’s
    • Push-ups
    • Squats and lunges
    • Abs
      • Sit ups or Crunches,
      • V-ups
  4. Pole Fitness: yes, this exotic exercise is a fun full body workout that helped me shed a ton of weight and tone my body unlike anything else I’ve ever tried.
    • Pole-ups: I do pull ups on my pole every single day- it really works my just and arms.
    • Vertical Knee Lifts to target abs.
    • Dance as Cardio- see below.
  5.  Cardio: while there’s been hype about how many calories a hot bath or sex can burn, you can get in a real calorie burning sweat session anywhere.  Run, walk, or jog; jump rope; dance– this is something that has worked well for me, just dancing like a fool until a break a crazy sweat.  I will incorporate squats and other parts of my workout into dancing or pole fitness.

You Have Free Fitness Resources

Fitness magazines, books and ebooks, videos can help motivate and educate you…and yes, they’re free!

  • Get Digital Dude:  I never go to the library anymore, but am able to download free songs, fitness magazines, and ebooks from home for free.  I’m always telling people about how many free resources you likely have but are unaware of- your library may offer free ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, videos, CD’s…  Even if your library isn’t as amazing as mine, you can find similar resources on the magazine website typically, and there are a number of online resources we’ll discuss below.
    • Magazines and Emagazines:
      • Ladies: Self, Women’s Health, Shape,
      • Guys: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,

    • Podcasts and Playlists
    • YouTube Channels:
      • Ladies, Cosmo‘s playlists have actually given me some great ideas- sliding lunges using a towel on the floor, for example.
      • Guys, I love Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

See my previous post on my fitness routine and weight-loss: “Fitness Routine.”, and remember to subscribe as I will be posting more on my exercise routine, dieting success, and weightloss secrets that helped people lose over 150lbs each!

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