Hard-Water’s Effect on Hair and Skin

In my previous post, H2-Oh-No: Hard Water Irritates Skin!, I discussed how hard-water had affected my skin.  After noticing and hypothesizing over patches of inflamed flushed areas all over my body, doing some research, and self-diagnosing, I concluded I did not have a sudden bout of eczema, but rather hard-water dermatitis.

In a Vogue.com article, Lottie Winter’s quote of a Dr. Gross took me back to this issue:

Dr Dennis Gross – who has just launched a range of vitamin C products – believes hard water causes complaints. “It’s high in minerals such as calcium and heavy metals, which provoke inflammation of the skin,” he says. The solution? “I have started to put chelators in my products, which are basically water softeners.”

Brita filtered Shower-head: $19.97

Just because I have been able to counteract the effects of hard water on my skin and hair, doesn’t mean that it isn’t still affecting my body and or health.  Hard-water contains a range of substances in it that can affect your hair and skin- from the acidity to chlorine, heavy metals to chemicals.  I also recall reading about shower-head filters- an easy and affordable solution I would not have considered.  An added bonus is the removal of chlorine, which is marketed as giving you softer skin.

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