Full Circle: the Resistance Will Be Trendy

The revolution may not be televised, but the resistance will be trendy.

Some say that the political and social climate are shaping how people dress, however, knowing that fashion was headed into the 70’s regardless of and before the election, I feel as if its only a part of the cyclical nature of fashion.  Yes, we are returning to the the 70’s in fashion for Spring and Fall 2017,  and it’s quite ironic that we are on the precipice of the  legalization of marijuana, witnessing rising racial tension, and facing environmental concern with the budget cut affecting the EPA, arts, etc. Women then burned bras, now they seek to free the Nipple and earn equal pay, and assembled en masse for the Women’s March.  People are protesting and voicing their opinions more, we are seeking- the younger half of us anyway- to evolve, move forward, become more accepting, garner equality…amidst the decreasing separation between church and state, government and business.

If it’s true, as Diana Vreeland once said, that “you can see the approaching of a revolution in clothes,” then the revolution is most surely at hand. Many fashion designers are channeling the post-election mood into collections that serve as a rallying cry—or, perhaps, a marching chant. Military-inspired ensembles. Aesthetics that hearken back to radicalized eras of the past. (Singer, 2017)

We saw protest hit the runways, from a Walk Fashion Show I attended in South Florida, straight to New York Fashion Week…and the designers themselves will tell you most of it is coincidental, unlike the Mexican influenced Ricardo Seco Fall/Winter 2016  collection and Trump graphics.

The Cool Creative black panther and black icons inspired collection was more of a statement in regards to black lives matter, racial tension, and social unrest.

Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection touched on 60’s mod and the innovation in textiles and materials.

Roberto Cavall, known for his OTT prints, has really exemplified everything 70’s rock-star and boho-chic in this latest collections. 

  -Fall/Winter 2017

  -Spring/Summer 2017

Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 SS17Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 SS17Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 SS17Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 SS17

Are you planning to take to the streets in 70’s style?  Do you think fashion is reflective of something more than mere trends and the fashion cycle- protest, change, revolution or resistance?  Comment below.

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