I Tried Meme Makeup

grumpy cat meme makeup, #mememakeupMeme makeup, the art of recreating memes on one’s eyelid, is a new trend popping up everywhere. When I saw the first two, one of Kim Kardashian crying and the other of Kermit as Star Wars characters- I knew I had to attempt it myself. Ever the avid makeup challenger, I decided to try Dawson Crying first.

Dawson Crying:

grumpy cat meme makeup, #mememakeupGrumpy Cat:

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat, what are they feeding you?  The second attempt was Grumpy Cat, although I decided to give up at this point.  I would have shaded his face in, added lighter blue to the eyes…

Pepe Donald Trump:

I decided to attempt Pepe today, given he’s been a very viral meme subject.

pepe donald trump meme makeup, #mememakeup

How do you think I did?  I dare you to attempt it yourself- it’s way harder than it looks.

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