Makeup R&D: Apply Makeup with Eggs, Dildos, Bra Cutlets!

One of the latest memes or trends in the beauty community is applying makeup with random objects.  The silisponge inspired resourceful beauties to cut up and apply makeup with their chicken cutlets…errrr…the kind in your bra not the fridge.   For the most part- people were not fans of either, with the exception of those we suspect were paid, or worked for magazines.  Marie Claire tweeted a video of PopLux’s Nadi applying his makeup with a hard-boiled egg.

While watching, I thought- Oh Emme Geesus, I should apply makeup with a dildo- only to see that he has don that too…three days ago!  But is this all in the name of clickbait, views, and being silly- or should we view this as Beauty R&D?  Are we both scientist and lab rat, and might we happen upon the next big thing?  You never know.

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