Who The Hell Are Bloggers?

Do bloggers have validity in discussing and critiquing the work of others?  Given anyone can blog and may not have any credentials- perhaps even little or no education on the topic itself- I think the writing speaks for itself.

Of course, there are instances in which bloggers don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, but I’ve seen some very curious looks since I’ve been blogging, and I think discussion is a part of any sect of arts and culture.  People discuss art at exhibits, although they may know nothing about art; it’s the unique take on the art, how it makes that person feel or what they see in it, that is a social aspect of the creative world.  It’s stimulus and reaction.  It wasn’t until I watched Foodies: the Culinary Jet Set that I saw this open statement of bloggers essentially being narcissistic, greedy, incompetent, worthless creatures seeking status and gain.

I have been blogging for over a decade and never expected designers to actually see or read my posts- and I’ve actually had some thank and retweet me…even one I criticized harshly.  I did feel guilty at that moment.  There is this insight that’s missing from seeing a live show or knowing the backstory of the collection: knowing just how much work went into the construction of a garment, or knowing the inspiration of the collection.  I prefer to go in blind, and that can definitely affect how I view a collection- but it can also give a more honest first impression of the clothes themselves. Are they wearable? Is it a joke, a stunt, or is it pushing fashion forward?


  • Bloggers are seeking personal gain or fame: bloggers and vloggers do get free products, paid or sponsored posts…there is a financial aspect to ads placed on their sites and videos (I’ve never been paid or sponsored, and have stated when a product was given to me for promotional purposes).
  • There is this desire for the exclusivity and status (it’s not been at all glamorous in the 11 years I’ve been blogging- blogging and vlogging on fashion and beauty is just a hobby and a passion for me).
  • Careless unfounded criticism.

My Take:

  • It’s the sharing of a subjective experience.
  • It’s constructive criticism and a personal opinion.
  • We discuss common likes and dislikes, or find we disagree- it’s all ok, it’s part of the fascinating reality of style and taste, design and creativity, and the business of fashion.
  • We are evaluating the originality, creativity, and salability.
  • Fashion is a spectator’s sport- it’s a show put on in front of the critics, buyers, influencers, celebrities, and bloggers alike.
  • Fashion is about personal taste, self expression, what’s in or out, trends, and ultimately aesthetics- therefore commentary only seems appropriate; and while it may seem strange to have your opinion broadcasted, it is for me like creating a  discussion, stating my opinion, and asking your what yours is.

What’s Your Take?

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