Customized Knits Made to Fit: Adidas’ Knit for You Makes Custom Bespoke Sweaters in 4hrs


The future of fast fashion is met with the time-old technique of knitting to create made to order knitwear in four hours in-store.  In a process that brings Minority Report to mind, one has a body scan for sizing and then a graphic projected onto his chest and is he able to manipulate the placement using gestures.  The cost for such a bespoke sweater? $215.   Emma Thomasson, in a Business of Fashion article titled “Adidas Trials Customer Personalisation in Bid to Tackle Fast Fashion,” states that the Knit for You pop up in Berlin is part of an experiment in fast fashionAdidas wants to produce at 150% speed within three years, and it’s also looking into the applications of such efficiency on fast fashion.  I often refer to Zara’s success with its Just in Time (JIT) strategy and riding the trends as they come rather than relying on forecasting and investing in inventory.

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