Walk Fashion Show Miami 2016

Fashion Show Playlist:

The Walk Fashion Show in Miami, held Saturday, December 3rd, was full of unique designs, original looks, fresh faces and talent.  Designers showcased everything from wearable art- hand painted denim- to swimwear and evening-wear.

Fashion is a form of art, self expression, not only in the way a designer creates and shows his clothing but also in the way a consumer wears it; art is meant to move you, to provoke a response.  There was a fashion movement on the runway: Cool Creative Inc., whose black panther vibe mixed with graphic patches and prints of iconic black figures, was on-trend with the 70’s influence but also in current events and racial tension.  I had chills as black models held their fists in the air, patches on their garments and berets on their heads. For more, visit CoolCreativeInc.com.

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