AMA’S Best and Worst Dressed

The Good

The garments, styling, beauty- for the most part, everything seemed to create a cohesive look….with the exception of Teyana Taylor, whose hair and makeup seemed to be disparate from the dress itself….a subtler brow and less highlight on the cheeks…perhaps a slightly less nude lip, and an up-do would’ve made this look complete head to toe.  Gigi Hadid and James Bay made the cut for being on-trend, her with a white lace Roberto Cavalli (whose collections are everything trendy), and his because he’s wearing a textile print and velvet.  Gigi’s red dress, a red glistening asymmetrical Versace floor length dress with twisted panels, which made the look.  Lady Gaga’s Brandon Maxwell flared leg white suit paired with a matching wide brim hat was absolutely stunningly chic…she stole the carpet and looked absolutely timeless; her makeup works well to draw us into her face, which would be competing with the stark white ensemble.

lady gaga ama's 2017

The Bad

Whether due to  the garment or Styling, those who made the bad cut were just awful in terms of construction and execution, styling, and or beauty. Too slutty, too tacky and colorful, not on trend, not red carpet appropriate…I think they speak for themselves.

The Eh…

Either not strikingly gorgeous or memorably original, perhaps needing a tweak here or there due to the garments, styling, and or beauty, the following looks were just, eh…  Prada is known for its minimalist aesthetic, but Selena Gomez’ dress, largely due to the neckline, looks really casual up top, and is rather simple.  The green romper on Hailee Steinfeld is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I would’ve twisted the fabric at the hip, reducing the volumizing effect- furthermore, it really makes her look boxy up top, something the hair and shoes don’t help- had her hair been up and she worn a shoe that drew our attention downward she could’ve corrected the illusion and elongated the body.  Heidi Klum hasn’t really had a lot of luck on the red carpet lately…she’s been big bird and all over the place- this look makes the Eh because it is trendy, she is a woman of a particular age and can wear this- people just don’t like the fabric selection and aren’t yet aware we’re moving toward this look NOW.  Milla Jovovich’s dress isn’t the issue, it’s her hair and styling, it seems to match the dress and draw the eye upward.  Bella Thorne looks like she could’ve been on the carpet a while ago– it doesn’t feel current, but would have been when we were reliving the 90’s.

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