Dangerous Beauty Hacks, Treatments, Procedures and Trends:

They say beauty is pain, but can you be risking your health, sight, or life for beauty?  We’ve all heard the claim, proven false, about how much of the chemicals women put on their bodies daily are actually absorbed.  Women of all ages, races, and areas apply a multitude of products in the form of beauty products, makeup, skin and hair care.  Hacks, tricks meant to make life easier, have become trendy in all areas of life, including  beauty: a spoon to prevent mascara from getting on your eyelid, a fork to contour your nose with…but aside from the knife contour, none of them seemed dangerous- until now.

Women have begun sharing dangerous hacks, with the disclaimer of “this is stupid,” or a warning not to try it- but shouldn’t we be accountable for the information we share if it can cause someone to harm themselves?  Is sharing, posting, or trying something dangerous with a disclaimer acceptable, or is it really promoting that activity in impressionable youth and stupid adults?  I think this is a responsibility we should take seriously- there are some very dangerous, harmful, toxic, potentially deadly chemicals in common beauty products…formaldehyde to name one!

You cannot use eye and lip products interchangeably.

  • Sharpie Nail Art or Eyeliner!
  • Nail Polish Eyeliner.
  • Using Eye and Lip Products Interchangeably: Some women are stubborn about using eyeliner for lip-liner or visa versa, but if you know your stuff- you know it does matter: ingesting or having something go directly into the eye, those are serious things.  Products formulated for the eyes are not designed to be ingested in any amount, the same is true of lip products- they are not formulated to be eye-safe.  The eyes are connected to the blood stream…there is a beauty “hack” involving using nail polish as eyeliner! Nail polishes contain chemicals you do not want in your eyes or body.  Do not be so stupid as to risk going blind for a video or a makeup look.
  • Glow Stick anything.
  • Using other powders as setting powders.
  • False Lashes and Eyelash  Extensions: thinking of gluing lashes near the waterline or getting lash extensions (see video below)?  You can have an allergic reaction, get an infection, or have your real lashes break…or never grow back!  You can actually have lash extensions scratch your cornea!  Some glues have formaldehyde in them…leading back to our discussion of nail polishes and sharpies…you don’t want to mess around with chemicals.
  • Ear candles: you light one end of a conical wax paper and it’s supposed to draw out ear wax…some crazy holistic lady forced me to do it as a kid and burned me.
  • Black Market Injections: booty shots, fillers…do not meet anyone other than a doctor anywhere other than in a medical facility…which does not include a “nurse” at a Motel!
  • Bleach baths (hair or body).
  • DIY Products: you can, if you’re making and storing your own products, be susceptible to molds, bacteria, etc., and while some are detectable visually or give off an odor, others are undetectable. The same rules for eye and lip safe products applies.
  • Waist-training.
  • Black market acid and chemical peels.

Beauty is the art of accentuating your features, minimizing your flaws- it starts from the inside out, with what you eat, apply to your skin…and some would say how you behave.  By trying risky beauty hacks and tricks, or getting procedures out of the country or anywhere other than a licensed board certified professional, you risk botching yourself, in some cases permanently damaging your skin, eyes, hair or lashes.

I hope that you will love yourself, admire what you find beautiful about you, and always do it for you- not anyone else.  You are beautiful the way you are, and nothing- no superficial flaw, no amazing result, is worth the lifelong regret that would come with a tragic outcome.  We can become so fixated on a flaw we’ve had pointed out to us that we are willing to do anything or trust anyone to change it- I’ve been there myself; you owe it to yourself to do research, be responsible and mature, and make reasoned decisions before having any procedure done.

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