Coral Castle: Selfie Shame Game

With every new adventure and experience, we find ourselves face to face with another photo op, a selfie shot backdrop. My impromptu trip to Coral Castle proved no different. While on the tour, I began applying my black lip liner and lipstick…already getting prepped for my photos.  Is it to create a memory, to superimpose yourself onto a landmark, vanity, or as some say- mental illness?  I don’t know, but I do know that I love how witchy I look in that little alcove.   Coral Castle is said to have been constructed using some sort of force, perhaps given off by a black box shown in photos, to levitate the stones weighing excess of 4,000lbs in place.  There are actually large stones you can turn with one hand weighing exactly that much.  There was definitely beauty in the structure, and a tragic love story behind its construction.  I was primarily drawn to Coral Castle because of it’s mystical creator- who sort of reminds me of Tesla.

Makeup: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, It! Cosmetics powder foundation, NYX black lipstick.  Jewelry- designed by me, Perry Uwanawich.  Sunglasses and T-shirt, Hot Topic.

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