Ulta Dumpster Diving Haul 5, Plus the Truth About Diving

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The dumpster diving trend has been gaining momentum recently- although it’s been going on for years, YouTube videos have gotten everyone and their mother, literally, to go dumpster diving.  In fact, you’ll see a mother/daughter duo in candid footage in my videos.  Like most cases, videos started popping up in my YouTube sidebar, $1000 Ulta Haul, $2000 Ulta Dumpster Diving Haul…eventually, I clicked one.  After more and more kept being recommended, I decided to watch tips, advice, etc.  A month or two passed and I decided, let’s try it.  My first time, I parked in my car, looked at the dumpster, never got out, and left.  “What am I doing?,” I asked myself.  A few nights later, I went back to the same spot, but peered in…garbage!  I decided to try another night, another location…nothing!  I gave up, vowed never to try again…then I recorded a video collab for Beau for Men, makeup for men (see my video and post), and passed an Ulta and decided to give it another shot.  I found a lot of stuff, just like you see in the videos, and the excitement and rush was honestly addicting.  The variables of running into the cops, homeless people, employees (I’ve hid on the side of a dumpster once and don’t know if they knew I was there).

I found a lot of NYX sealed new lip products- glosses, lip creams, and lipsticks, as well as tinted moisturizers and blushes.

What’s the Tea?

  • New, Sealed Products.
  • Sometimes it’s all clean, in it’s original packaging, bagged in a trash bag and boxed.
  • There aren’t neighboring restaurants or anything, so there’s only retail trash.
  • It is totally legal in most states except where otherwise prohibited, search your area’s laws, and the thing to be aware of is that you can be tress-passing– if there is a gate around the dumpster, if it’s attached to a building, if it’s locked, you can be cited if there’s a no tress-passing sign.

But on the Real Though:

  • A lot of Used trash you can’t disinfect or sanitize. Know what cannot be sanitized- mascaras, liquid lipsticks or glosses- anything in a tube.
  • Sometimes it’s souped: in a mixture of foundation, conditioner, or lotion.  It takes me hours to clean and sanitize everything- I use paper towels to wipe everything down, then go over them again with Clorox wipes, then I spray the insides of palettes with alcohol.
  • The employees gauge out the makeup palettes, pour the foundations and primers…ruin everything.  Expect to have your heart broken after the excitement of finding designer and brand name palettes.
  • The Competition is Fierce!  You may, depending on your area, see people racing in cars from one dumpster to another, scoping out a store or dumpster, already around or in the dumpsters.  Beyond that…you can also see homeless people searching for food…and they may think you’re competition hunty.
  • The EW beyond the obvi? Bugs, germs, the salon bags…yeah, those have hair and toner, bleach, nail products in them…I’ve only ever once seen anything useful in those and do not bother with them.  Girl, you can try but I ain’t touching that dumpster; Some places have lots of trash from not only the retail spaces, but people dumping all the time…I can’t bother with those.
  • Danger:
    • Broken glass, shards of metal or sharp objects, crazy long pokers maybe used for BBQ? There’s no telling what’s in a dumpster, and I’ve seen people just hop in on videos- not wise.  You could end up skewered!  Always check what’s in there from the outside, try to find objects to use- wood, umbrellas, that handy BBQ poker! I have only gotten into them when I KNOW there’s a huge score and was very careful of my footing.
    • Chemicals: I am very keenly aware of the various beauty scents and chemicals, and know when I’m smelling acetone, acrylic liquid, bleach, etc.  Wear gloves!

OK, I’m Down!

  • Tell me when and where: I don’t know! Scope out your area, I’ve noticed it varies depending on the store and area.  I think they also become aware of divers who are inconsiderate, too bold, etc., and then switch up how they do it.   People are successful in the day or at night, it depends on the area, the competition, etc.
  • Be careful- again don’t just jump into dumpsters unaware of what’s inside, wear protective clothing and shoes, take gloves!

What did I find before this haul?  See:

*Makeup Giveaway: to enter, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @UwanaWhat, and Subscribe. Post your user names below, and or on Haul 4 If you want to win from that haul.

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