Beau, Makeup for Men!

Beau For Men: Makeup tailored for men’s skin bridges the market gap.  Men are largely ignored in the market.  This foundation wore amazingly well, looked flawless, and got me some compliments.  I would definitely suggest it:

When the recent High School Makeup trend started popping up, it got me reminiscing about what I wore in high school: clear mascara; Clean & Clear Invisible Powder- which was blue and I would hide in my bag, only to look around and covertly powder my nose; and a Jean Paul Gaultier men’s Concealer/Kohl pen (which I barely used to conceal blemishes and was too scared to use the liner), which was the first and only other time I’ve heard of men’s makeup and it was over a decade ago!

I have had anxiety about shopping for makeup and beauty products, and to be honest still do.  It is certainly uncomfortable for a man to be surrounded by women and trying on products with “Girl” in the name, for example.  When Maybelline tweeted a photo of Manny MUA it was the first time a man was ever posted or shown wearing the brand: I was shocked.  Many men wear makeup, whether it be in secret or out in the open, so why are we largely overlooked by brands?  I am really happy Beau for Men is formulating products for men, considering differences like facial hair, for example.  I hope that other brands will also start catering to men more- the men’s skincare and beauty market has been growing considerably over the past decade or two, and more and more men are taking care of their skin and using cosmetics.

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