Benefit’s New Brow Collection Review and Swatches

The New Benefit Brow Collection retails from $24-$28: I was very impressed by the collection, especially Precisely My Brow and Ka Brow.  I will admit that the marketing materials don’t seem as convincing as the products are in real life.

The Lineup (Brow Zings is not new).

  • Goof Proof Brow Pencil $24: for a solid line, you can blend it out with the sooly side.
  • Browvo Conditioning Primer $28: helps sparse brows becoome fuller.
  • Gimmie Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel$24: think volumizing mascara for your brows.
  • Ka-Brow $24: Cream gel pot with an angled brush does allow you to create a well-defined brow with brush strokes, but for individual hair strokes, get the next one.
  • Precisely My Brow $24: a very fine tipped pencil with spooly, it will allow you to draw on individual hair strokes for the most natural looking brow- it’s almost like a brow tattoo.
  • 3D BrowTones $24: this is ment to give your brows highlights; I asked benefit “do we really need highlights on our brows?”  …they responded, “Trust, you need this!”
  • High Brow Glow: a highlighter stick…for your brows…  As big as highlighters areright now, I will continue to just use white or bone eyeshadow or my highlighter….thanks, bye Benefit.


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