Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear

The Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection featured suiting and separates in black, white, black and red, pinstripes, and leopard- which was also used on the sneakers. The letters print, complete with stamps, added a unique touch to the coat, jacket, suit and pants…albeit a feminine one. The difference in fit from one jacket, suit, or pants to another embodies different trends or looks- you’ll notice the double breasted jacket is slim fit, yet the pants flare out, this gives the suit a touch of the 70’s without looking dated- a bit of modernity was added to the other looks by making them sleeveless, straight leg, or playing with the length (something we’ve seen a lot of in recent seasons). The prints, paisley and photo prints, and color palette have the same effect, weaving the past with the present. I do love the reuse of the accessories from the last show, and feel as if the collection was overall successful in hitting key points for trends and putting out wearable salable garments.

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