Friends with Benefit

iconBenefit cosmetics has long lead a cult following, and products like “Roller Lash” and “They’re Real” are now household names.  I’ve been using Benefit for years and years.  I used the eye-con for years alone…seems like it’s discontinued or repackaged.
iconThe bene-tint was a 90’s lip and cheek stain must-have.  If you haven’t heard someone say Pore-fessional by now…I can’t even.

Below: Can you guess which side has Roller Lash on? ^.^

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Benefit Roller Lash

They’re Real!



The Boing On The Double Concealer duo, for the perfect match

Hoola Bronzing and Contouring Brush, because it’s so cute and looks like it’s Gucci.icon

Girl, paint on those brows!


iconOh girl, you look perfectly poreless!


iconHello 90’s Lip & Cheek Stain!


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