Feria Smokey Pastels Smokey Blue Fail

When I finally decided on a Feria Smokey Pastels color, Smokey Blue, I was so very disappointed that, like all Feria Boxed colors, it did not deliver.  I was given this deep bold blue, not the silvery pastel blue shown on the box.  Each and every time I have tried Feria boxed hair colors, it’s turned brassy and red- blonde, brown, it doesn’t matter.

I had my hair professionally bleached platinum blonde by my amazing friend Grace Diaz-Gerdts (Instagram @BeautieAndGrace), and know it wasn’t the color of my hair that caused this outcome…it is the ever failing formulation of L’Oréal and Feria.  I used their browns and blondes in my adolescence, and should’ve known better than to give it a another try.

See my previous post on the Feria Smokey Pastels hair dye line and the conditioning dyes…which I wouldn’t go with now either, I’d just recommend mixing a semi-permanent hair dye with conditioner!

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