May I? May Mags

Jennifer Lopez serves up some blank model gaze on the cover of W Magazine’s May issue, with an illegible “One & Only” title matching the logo in pastel rainbow gradation.

She wears a black bra beneath a  white lace buttonup and an open-front black cardigan with white trip.  The makeup is a nude lip, subtly blushed and contoured face, with bronzed eyes and spidery lashes…the Jlo signature.





Khloé Kardashian has whipped her body into amazing shape recently, and bleached her ombré hair platinum blonde.  She stood out amongst her sisters as she graced magazine covers and posed in shoots along side them.  It’s oh so appropriate that she cover Shape Magazine’s May issue, with the tag line “How I earned these curves,” which of course coincides with the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, premiering tonight on E!…coincidence? I think not!

If you follow Khloé or KUWTK, you’ll likely have seen her workout, in conventional and unconventional routines.  She definitely has earned her body, as she’s been dedicated and committed to her exercise and fitness for some time now.  I don’t think it’s the most flattering leotard…I mean…couldn’t Shape have given her that on-trend Baywatch cut at least? It would’ve hugged her hips in the right places as opposed to this straight v-line for the b-line (Britney line or Bikini line…you decide, lol).

You may recall me saying that I felt W Mag missed its opportunity for a Willow Smith cover last month…the trio cover wasn’t really all that eye-catching with Zendaya and what’s her face…

Teen Vogue’s cover is much more in your face, and capitalizes on this rising star’s unique look.  I love the cut-crease cat-eye and juxtaposition of the spiked collar to the bubblegum satin tie-neck blouse and metallic tweed blazer.

Willow and her brother Jaden are turning out to be quite the fashionable duo…remember he’s scored the Louis Vuitton campaign, in which he models womenswear.


Anotherstarlet turned platinum blond bombshell, Jennifer Lawrence covers the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Issue.  Appropriately titled, this magazine was full of makeup, beauty and skincare products.  I don’t need to remind you that Bazaar is one of my absolute favorite fashion magazines, but this issue was such a beauty must read it’s ridiculous.






Are you noticing a trend? Blonde short hair might be the new new.  Taylor Swift covers Vogue’s May issue in a metallic sequin sheer spaghetti strapped tank, short shorts, and black chunky heel boots.

I’ve often said I’m not a fan of her soccer mom hair, and while the blonde and shorter look certainly is an improvement, I feel like it’s an older look she’s sort of stuck in.

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