Celeb Covers: April Mags

April magazines are plastered with A-list stars, something which gives them mass appeal and helps sell mags…or so the theory goes.  There are some great reads and spreads…come mag flip with me!


Rihanna’s Vogue cover certainly sparked excitement, and it was such a great read!  I loved the Hamish Files, which gave us a glimpse into Victorian era fashions featured in museums. Rihanna is shown ascending out of a body of water in a boldly colored sequin dress, and it instantly takes us back to her red-haired mermaid-esque Vogue cover.




Beyoncé’s been getting a lot of coverage since announcing her Ivy Park athletic wear, putting out promo videos and photos…some of which show the celeb in various states of fit and photo-shopped, something she’s come under fire for in the past.  Beyoncé is curvy, especially in her hips and legs…in some photos we see these super slender legs with prominent thigh-gap, and in others…her real legs.   I think women like Bey and J.Lo are admired for their figures, and changed how society viewed the ideal figure- shifting from the frail thin and booty-less, to the curvaceous and Bootylicious…so why retract that statement of empowerment?


Nicki Minaj graces the cover of Nylon Magazine in a blonde mushroom cut; inside, she wears long blonde locks with black roots.

  • Quick Silver: the beauty and fashion was focused on metallic makeup and clothing.
  • Heart of Glass: holographic nail art that mimics gemstones.


  • Another of my favorite spreads, one that received a lot of attention, was that of Jeffree Star’s: the make-up brand and artist have blown up more so with beauty tutorials on YouTube, the launch of the now cult favorite matte lipsticks, and now highlighters and eye-shadows being added to the product line.nylon_mag_april_fblog20160408_6612_1.jpg


Cosmo is always a fun and informative read- from fashion to beauty.  Scarlett Johnson rocks an all nude look on the cover. Inside, she’s shown in a sheer white Jonathan Simkhai  dress with Sergio Rossi shoes.

Harper’s Bazaar


Bazaar is one of my favorite magazines for fashion- especially their fashion issues, which layout all the fashion trends, usually according to color.  Jennifer Aniston is featured with her iconic honey and bronde hair, huge smile, and a silver dress with the title: Fabulous at Every Age.


416372374_lgMarie Claire

Drew Berrymore covers the Boss Issue of Marie Claire



W Magazine

416372642_lgZendaya, Willow Smith, and Kiernan Shipka…whoever the hell that is, share the W Mag April cover.  I often find myself wondering if Willow and Jaden are the same persons with MPD 😈.  I don’t really know who these other two girls are, and feel like maybe this should’ve been Willow’s cover.  I’m not a fan of Zendaya…I just know her as the girl who took Rancic’s comment too seriously and wore a Mullet on the red carpet.  I do, however, love W Mag.


416370319_lgWomen’s Health

Cameron Diaz covers Women’s health in a denim look with long hair in a wavy style along with claims she shares her beauty tips inside.  We’ve often heard of Cameron’s beauty routine- I remember reading she only washes her face with Evian bottled water.

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