Reading Beauty

Bobbi Brown’s books are always an informative, straight to the point, easy read.  I think I’ve read them all.  The only one that left me wanting more was Everything Eyes…I felt like it wasn’t everything.

I’ve just read Pretty Powerful– a very quick read with no-filler tips and insight for anyone wanting to know more about the type of foundation, blush, or powder to use, and how to go from one season to the next beautifully.


I don’t feel like you have to read all of these books, I think that each provides a bit of insight into make-up in general.

They’re not like an in-depth course in make-up artistry…I’ve seen books that go in depth into skincare, foundations, blushes and bronzers, technique, even ethnicity…but Bobbi’s books seem to introduce women to all of those topics in a paragraph or so: it’s not overwhelming and is the perfect insight for the average woman.  Makeup Manual is likely the most in-depth and detailed, and from what I recall on the others, Pretty Powerful might be the one most focused on a woman’s feeling beautiful, catering to personal style and preference, diet, fitness, and inner beauty complimenting the shallow exterior.


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