DIY Real Ringlight $20

DIY Ringlight $20 No LED’s, No Wiring, no welding! Just screw it into a lamp and turn it on!

You’ll need:

  • A 16″ Circline Fluorescent Bulb ($9, Home Depot, Lowes, or a hardwear store),
  • A Circline Ballast Adaptor ($10 + S&H Ebay, or $12.99 at
  • Optionally, a fan cover or something to put the bulb on,
  • Conduit clamps to secure the bulb ($1.50 home depot)
  • …I also used zip ties and a temp solution of twist ties (like on bread haha).
  1. I attached a fan cover to a lamp using zip ties
  2. placed an iphone holder (from selfie stick) onto the screw that connects the lampshade
  3. Screwed the Ballast Adaptor into the light socket
  4. connected it to the circline bulb (4 pin connector)
  5. secured the circline bulb using the conduit clamps and twist ties

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