My Audience and Viewers


This post is all about you- my viewers, subscribers, and fellow bloggers- it’s part of my ParsonsXTeenVogue assignment, but I’d like to take this time to ask you what you’d like to see more of on my blog.


  • On Feb 29, in order of most viewers: Australia, Belgium, U.S., Germany, UK, Philllipines, Sri Lanka, Greece, France, Canada. 817 Views, 516 of which were from Australia.
  • The week before: US, Aus, UK, Can, belg, India, Ger, Italy, s. Korea, Brazil.
  • Two Weeks ago: US, UK, Egypt, Can, Singapore, Germany, Colombia, Ukraine, France, Saudi Arabia.

Monthly Viewership By Country

  • Feb: 4,700 views (Not including RSS and Email Subscribers [2.6k+]), in order: US, UK, Austrailia, Egypt, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Israel, and India.
  • Jan: 5,857 views (not including RSS and Email Subscribers), in order: US, India, UK, Can, France, s. Korea, Ger, Mexico, Indonisia, and Italy.
  • Dec: US, Saudi Arabia, Ger, UK, Brazil, Poland, China, IT, Belg, FR.

I think the subject matter of my posts attracts different audiences: I posted on a Mexican Designer, Ricardo Seco, and his social commentary on Donald  Trump at NYFW, this has attracted Mexican readers. I posted on the Garment workers in India, and how factories pollute the surrounding areas, toxicity, cancer, deformation…this caused for 700 Indian viewers in one day (see my Ethics in Fashion Post).

The 29th of February for example, was the day after the Oscars, and the most viewed post was my Oscars Red Carpet Best/Worst. During Fashion Week, and as we went from NYFW to LFW, MFW, PFW, the Viewership changed somewhat, centering around the European countries, and that reflected in the hashtags used by the magazines and brands as well: #FW16 is used during NYFW, #AH16 for some reason in London, France (appropriately), and Milan.

In January, there was a lot of viewership for the menswear fashion week shows, particularly Gucci. Interestingly, the most views were for Feria’s Smokey Pastels hair dyes.

Traffic Sources

In order, traffic was driven primarily through search engines, then Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress,, and a swimwear brand who’s show I covered for PBSW.

In February, Feria continued to lead the traffic, then comes the Oscars, my portfolio, Jeremy Scott, Balmain FW16, my Fitness Routine, Balmain Men’s SS16, and the Grammy’s best/worst dressed.


I usually get around 28,000 viewers on  My YouTube channel per month, most of whom are male.  As of today, it’s 23,000, 67% of whom are male, 33% of whom are female.  Most of the traffic is driven by YouTube search, 51%, and suggested videos 24%.  Most viewers watched on YouTube, and were located in the U.S., with Canada, the UK,  and the Philippines following.  This months top videos are on Grooming and  the Parsons Teen Vogue program.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.57.27 PM.png

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