Anrealage Fall/Winter 2016 Paris Fashion Week PFW FW16 AH16

Anrealage  Fall/Winter 2016 Paris Fashion Week collection looked like the designers tried to create a collection that was trendy, hip, and fashion forward…but it ended up looking like a granny watched an 80’s film set in the future. Had the silhouettes not been bulky and volumizing, had the shoulder pads been scrapped, and had all the bulk been graded, we’d probably be gawking over this collection- but instead, we’re grimacing. It looks like they’re trying to do the layering thing and failing… Is this peewee meets granny? We’re gonna call her the Splice Girl.

Stiff, boxy, too retro for FW16, Anrealage PFW FW16 AH16 was just weird, unflattering, unwearable…maybe looks were more editorial, as was the styling.  It lacked the technical execution it was aiming for- the cut and sew asymmetrical zig-zag looks were very poorly executed, what with patch-pockets on the breast, drooping bulging fabric under the second gore is distracting and unflattering.

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