Moschino Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 MFW FW16

Burning Hot:  Jeremy Scott burned down the house of Moschino, literally- burn holes, tattered sleeves and hemlines, match and cigarette-smoking-lip prints, and leather bondage were the motifs of the Moschino Fall/Winter 2016 Milan Fashion Week runway show.

Words that come to mind to describe the Moschino MFW FW16 collection: Closet-Bound Skeleton, Budweiser Babe- what with the beer can purse replacing the spray-paint bag, Thriller Filler- because no one is going to wear burned zombie suits, Silent Hill[billy], and Kitsch Bitch, because shit hit the chandelier, not the fan with some of the OTT looks surely meant to inspire talk about the show.  I’ve often said I love and hate Jeremy Scott at times, and unfortunately I’m not feeling this seasons designs for his label or Moschino’s, and I’ve been singing his praises for seasons now.  Hopefully Scott will once again edit, and infuse the fun, graphic, cute designs with wearable fashion.

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