The Bad: London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 LFW FW16

Every season and city has it’s highlights, but there are also the laughably bad, hideous, vulgar, out of touch designs I typically refer to as Fashion Comedy.  London Fashion Week has been full of hideous looks for SS16 and FW16.  Last season, I complained of not understanding the proportions, and wondering if it is in to look like a little person in London.  Luckily many designers improved their aesthetic and execution for Fall/Winter 2016 London Fashion week, but sadly, others failed epically.

Central Saint Martins

Emilio de la Morena

Everyone knows you can’t overwork  satin, but Emilio de la Morena LFW FW16 didn’t get the message, and put out these hideous “designs” of bandage wrap satin strip dresses, and some Bo Peep disasters.

Molly Goddard


Preen was the victim of over designing- overworking garments by adding way too many details, way to much fabric, the wrong neckline, hemline, sleeve…it was a fashion catastrophe.

Ryan Lo

It’s always confusing when a designer goes for that granny floral sheet fabric, creates unflattering looks using it, and attempts to use satin when they clearly don’t know what to do with it.  I think Ryan Lo’s LFW FW16  collection failed due to execution, fabric selection, and a lack of taste.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Vivienne Westwood has such a cult following, given she’s cited as the queen of punk, but these looks are clown central, with boldly stupid patchwork, loud clashing plaid and prints… the Red Label is wack for FW16.


Sibling’s LFW FW16 collection was a truly mind bogglingly vulgar, overworked, under designed hot mess.

Simone Rocha

When looks are vulgar, highlighting the breasts in a strange way, or grotesquely alter the silhouette in an unflattering and confusing way, like the very period costume looks of the Simone Rocha, it can only end in the consumer looking like a clueless fashion victim.


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