Marchesa Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week NYFW MBFW FW16

Marchesa’s Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week runway show featured gowns that seemed period and might work best in editorial shoots, as well as some red carpet worthy dresses we’re sure to see on the backs of starlets and celebrities- which is not an unusual occurrence for Marchesa, who’s been a star staple for years. Tulle, organza, velvet, floral appliqués- there were many eye-catching details.  Ornate, intricate, embellished, embroidered, beaded…there was a luxe look to the majority of the collection that was largely and confusingly lost on the Little House on the Prairie and Glenda the Good Witch dresses with tacky flowers attached to the already concerning mess…how can a brand have such good taste and such a lack of it all in one collection?  Where is the consistency?  What is the story and visual style?

The Marchesa  NYFW MBFW FW16 was full of luxuriously embellished looks, some of which were too period to be RTW and might serve only in editorial shoots, some we’ll see hit the red carpet, and others looked too cheap to be costumes for Halloween and might serve only as house dresses for the delusional “Gone with the wind fabulous.”

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