DIY TieDye Pastel Hair

I call it TieDye Hair; I was inspired by Guy Tang- it’s pink and lavender using Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Rose and Lavender. I applied it in a messy way from the crown down, so that it wouldn’t cover all the hair- it ended up looking like chunky streaks.

I do feel really comfortable with Semi-Perminant hair dyes like Ion, Clairol Jazzing, and Color Jamz, because they’re not at all damaging and you can leave them on as long as you like- also, they wash out so it’s not like a major commitment.  I don’t like, nor do I recommend, Manic Panic- I kept buying jar after jar after jar, and could not get Rihanna Red using their dyes or the L’Oréal permanent dye – but did achieve it with Jazzing.


  1. Mix Dye with conditioner until you have a color about two or three shades darker than the color you want.  In the photo to the right you’ll notice I add more dye to darken it…you can add more dye to darken, or dilute with conditioner to lighten the mixture.
  2. Apply to hair with a tint brush.
  3. Leave in for an hour or more, depending on how well your hair takes semi-permanent dye (*if it’s permanent dye follow the instructions).
  4. Rinse with cool water- don’t try to make the water run clear, you can wash all the dye out. If you’re dying extensions, I recommend an ice bath.

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